Understanding Foreign Investor Decision Making




This course looks at the factors that influence the decisions of foreign investors and what the Investment Promotion Agency can do to influence them.

What does this course offer?

We develop an ‘ideal’ list of characteristics and selection criteria the average investor is looking for in particular locality. A stylised ‘investor roadmap’ is developed to show the single steps in the decision-making process, including how IPAs can support investors in each step. Furthermore, we cover a formal site selection benchmarking model, including qualitative and quantitative criteria in a ‘cost-quality’ map. Finally, it is shown that investment decisions are often highly subjective and thus also require ‘soft factors’ on the side of the IPA



Christina Knutsson

Christina Knutsson With 18 years of direct experience in economic promotion, Christina provides advice to and works with several European, African and South American investment promotion agencies. She provides expert strategy consultancy in several economies in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Christina has 15 years of international private sector business experience, in activities ranging from manufacturing to services, i.e. outsourcing, shipping and logistics, exports and trade, sales and marketing, advertising and journalism coupled with public sector work. In 1995 Christina co-founded the Invest in Sweden Agency (ISA), where she worked as a senior manager and director of the management group, Christina also established and was the executive director of the London Office of ISA for five years. She was a steering committee member of WAIPA during this period. She has also undertaken assignments with the UN, FIAS, a division of the World Bank Group and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

In 1999 Christina created the independent management consultancy – Christina Knutsson Consulting in London. Amongst assignments she provided i.e. strategic advisory input for the FDI strategy and start-up of Invest in Spain and Invest in Castilla La Mancha, reviewing a leading investment organisation in Africa and devising the Investment promotion strategy for the Ministry of Industry and Private Sector Development of Madagascar for the start-up of the Madagascar Economic Development Board, and providing long term technical advice to a leading City Region Agency in South Africa as well as for the start-up of Invest in Panama.

Christina is a graduate in Market Economics from RMI Berghs. She is trilingual in English, Spanish and Swedish, and fluent in French.