Test The Global Economy and FDI in Context (Copy)




This course provides insights on the global economy today.

It also describes foreign direct investment and the factors that main business investment drivers.

Course Instructor

  • John Hanna

What does this course offer?

This course provides investment promotion managers with the insights on following:

  • The global economy today
  • What is FDI?
  • FDI flows A
  • FDI flows B
  • FDI business investment drivers
  • New investment types – and the implications for IPAs

Who is this course designed for?

  • Executive chairmen, directors and managers responsible for trade and investment promotion at policy, strategy and planning, as well as at the operational level
  • Project managers dealing with investment enquiries and responsibilities for lead generation and promotion
  • Senior economic, trade and commercial counsellors located in overseas embassies, consulates and missions

A live event!

The course was recorded at GDP Global’s Complete Investment Promotion Programme, London, November 2012.

Participants from several countries contributed to the lecture, including from Switzerland, Bahrain, Finland, Turkey, Namibia, Macao, Moldova, Sweden, Austria, Saudi Arabia and Canada.



John Hanna

John Hanna established GDP Global in 1999. He is also director of the European Academy of Business Development, GDP Global’s training and education arm. He brings over 20 years of experience in economic development and investment promotion. He has run and participated in training courses in most parts of the world. John also created the IPA Benchmarking Programme, the Zones Benchmarking Programme and the IPA Asset Benchmarking Programme, through which he has undertaken more than 900 strategy and operations assessments of more than 290 government agencies worldwide.

After graduation John accumulated 12 years of international business experience in pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, business electronics, business publishing and marketing services with Merck, Sharp & Dohme, Sunbeam International, Wilkinson Sword, Oxford Medicine Group, Tatung and Fiskars. He then moved into the public sector and spent eight years as a director of the Welsh Development Agency, managing investment promotion teams in Asia Pacific, North America, sector strategies, and finally European marketing programmes.

John is a specialist in all aspects of economic development and investment promotion, especially in investment targeting programmes, future IPA strategies and IPA benchmarking. John is an honours graduate in Biology & Physiology from the University of London, and holds an MBA from Cardiff Business School. He speaks some French, Spanish and German.