Learner Induction Procedure

Section 1 Overview and scope of policy and procedure

The GDP Learner Induction policy is designed for all learners and staff members engaged in online or face to face training and learning. The Learner Induction Procedure covers important aspects of registration, enrolment, registration/withdrawal In addition the Policy is designed to give all learners the best opportunity to fulfil their potential when taking a GDP Global qualification. All learners are required to read this procedure document before beginning to learn.

Section 2 About the Policy and Procedure

GDP Global (GDP) is committed to providing the best training. All staff members are recognised experts in international investment, trade promotion, business and/or economics.

2.1 Enrolling/withdrawing learners for courses

On registration to a GDP accredited training programme, whether this is either online learning, or classroom learning, or a combination of both, Learners receive a Unique Learner Number (ULN). Their email address and essential registration information is held in the company’s training database.

2.2 Learners receive access to all course information prior to the course start.

In the event of a learner being withdrawn from a training programme, his/her records will be appropriately withdrawn from the list of those attending.

2.3 Pre-course Diagnostic Assessment

Pre course Diagnostic Assessment is carried out at the start of a course. The information provides trainers with knowledge of individual skill levels and inform any required adjustments to how the course is delivered by the trainer.

2.4 What the learner will receive as part of the induction procedure

To ensure that Learners have the best opportunity to learn GDP will:
  • Provide course details prior to commencement which will include information regarding structure, outcomes, learning content and a timetable for the training course
  • Any additional material as may be relevant to the course prior to course starting
  • Provide information about the tutor(s) and/or assessor(s) that will be presenting and assessing the course
  • Set out attendance requirements.

2.5 Policies and procedures

Learners will be made aware of the relevant policies and procedures operated by GDP that will support and safeguard their learning experience. These will include:
  • Equality and Diversity policy
  • Health and safety policy (if appropriate)
  • Complaints procedure
  • Learner appeals procedure
  • Internal Quality Assurance Strategy and process
  • Malpractice Policy & Procedure
  • Plagiarism Policy and Procedure
  • Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure
  • Privacy and data policy statement

2.6 Teacher – Learner code of understanding

Successful learning requires performance on behalf of the trainer and the Learner. In recognition of this GDP operates a learning code that trainers and learners are asked to commit to:
  • Work to agreed time schedules and respect the training start and finish times
  • Commit to the goal of high standards of training
  • Engage in the process of learning with participation and feedback when presented
  • Be respectful of all other participants in the learner experience
  • Provide individual support and guidance to learners in accordance with the learning curriculum
  • Adhere to all relevant GDP policies.

2.7 Minimum requirements for learners seeking a learning qualification:

  • Complete all learning sessions as timetabled
  • Complete additional work as scheduled by the trainer which is part of the course curriculum
  • Complete a Personal Statement of Authenticity for all submitted work.

2.8 Additional support

GDP is committed to supporting all learners including meeting individual needs (including disability and medical) wherever this is possible. Learners with individual needs are requested to contact the company with details.

Section 3 Policy review

This policy is reviewed regularly and revisions are made in response to changes in legislation, changes in our practices, actions from our regulatory or external agencies, and / or in response to customer and stakeholder feedback.

Section 4 GDP contact and feedback

If you have any feedback or queries regarding this policy, please contact GDP’s Internal Quality Assessor by email at iqa@gdpglobal.com.

About GDP Global Development Ltd. Policy Documents

As an accredited training centre, GDP Global Ltd (GDP) has policies and procedures in place to fulfil Approval and Regulatory requirements and to provide a route map for GDP staff members, associates and learners.

The policies reflect the internal practice(s) of GDP, the purpose of which is to ensure that the staff and associates of GDP are familiar with their content and the processes involved.

The policies, procedures and guidelines are updated regularly. As an accredited learner Centre, the policy documents of GDP Global are subject to an annual review by accreditation bodies. The purpose of the review is to ascertain whether the policies, procedures and internal procedures are up-to-date and aligned to changes that have been made throughout the year.

This Policy also applies to GDP KnowHow which is a division of GDP Global Development Ltd.

Last reviewed: July 2022

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