Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Section 1 Overview and scope of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

This policy applies to all activities that GDP Global Ltd (GDP) engages in and aims to serve the interests of all our customers, including learners. The policy sets out our commitment to ensuring adherence to legislation and regulation requirements. The company stands against discrimination in all its forms including but not limited to race; religion; gender; ability; age; sex; culture and religious beliefs.

Section 2 The Policy

GDP is committed to non-discrimination in all its forms and collects data on course registrations, attendance, course completions, learning achievement and makes comparisons regionally, nationally and internationally, to ensure discrimination does not happen. The policy is applied through all the internal procedures relating to the recruitment, preparation and assessment of learners for a qualification.

2.1 The measures taken by GDP that evidence the company’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion include:

  1. A commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and anti-discrimination in all its forms
  2. A commitment to follow the equality, diversity and inclusion and anti-discrimination requirements of the country in which training is being delivered by its centres including the UK, EU, Canada, South Africa, SADC countries, the countries of the Middle East and Latin America.
  3. Sharing and making the policy available to staff, contractors, agents and learners
  4. A commitment to equal opportunities and anti-discrimination is implemented in delivery and assessment and specifically to it’s qualifications and programmes
  5. Identifying individuals who may become victims by early assessments of learners
  6. Guidance on identification of individuals who may be vulnerable when evidence is being collected or assessed
  7. Guidance to colleagues on what constitutes or could constitute anti-discriminatory practice in the delivery of the company’s qualifications and awards
  8. Promoting best practice that acts in the interests of learners
  9. Staff have a clearly defined responsibility for overseeing the implementation of the policy
  10. Guidance on details of appropriate access to buildings, facilities, learning, learning support and assessment when applicable
  11. Agenda and meeting notes deal routinely with equal opportunities issues
  12. Information regarding necessary action when managing instances of discrimination
  13. Direction on the review and revision of policy documents
  14. Accurate and timely record keeping of practices
  15. Record keeping of removal of unjustifiable disadvantage, or explanation of why it is justifiable.
  16. A commitment to carry out all processes and procedures in a fair and objective manner
  17. A robust appeals process to support learners and ensures all who are using our products and services are treated justly.
The company operates a robust complaints and appeal policy that can be utilised by learners.

2.2 Further information

The company communicates with its learners, clients, staff members and associates through various electronic platforms: e-mail, Google Hangouts, Skype, the company website www.gdpglobal.com and the e-Learning Platform GDP Knowhow. The following information is made available on the website and the relevant parties will be informed accordingly. During interactive sessions the relevant parties will be referred to the information on the website:
  • Entrance requirements – Course enrolment and attendance is open to all regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage, civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation
  • Courses include guidance of any previous experience and educational requirements and language proficiency to support those who might have some difficulties with the programme of learning and assessment
  • Assessment to accredited training programmes is entirely related to performance. Provision is made in order that results are not affected by any external factor or handicap. The company is committed to fair assessment, detailing the adjustments and considerations that may be made for learners, without compromising the integrity of the assessment
  • Training centre facilities – include information on access to buildings, ensure the required provision of lifts where appropriate, toilet facilities, canteen arrangements, learning and learning support facilities, parking, P/A systems etc.
  • The company ensures that trainers and learners alike understand and accept how people are to behave e.g. treating people as they would like to be treated – honestly, fairly, equally, with courtesy, respect, privacy and confidentiality, welcoming diversity and challenging inappropriate behaviour.

Section 3 Policy review

This policy is reviewed regularly and revisions are made in response to changes in legislation, changes in our practices, actions from our regulatory or external agencies, and / or in response to customer and stakeholder feedback.

Section 4 GDP contact and feedback

If you have any feedback or queries regarding this policy, please contact GDP’s Internal Quality Assessor by email at iqa@gdpglobal.com.

About GDP Global Development Ltd. Policy Documents

As an accredited training centre, GDP Global Ltd (GDP) has policies and procedures in place to fulfil Approval and Regulatory requirements and to provide a route map for GDP staff members, associates and learners.

The policies reflect the internal practice(s) of GDP, the purpose of which is to ensure that the staff and associates of GDP are familiar with their content and the processes involved.

The policies, procedures and guidelines are updated regularly. As an accredited learner Centre, the policy documents of GDP Global are subject to an annual review by accreditation bodies. The purpose of the review is to ascertain whether the policies, procedures and internal procedures are up-to-date and aligned to changes that have been made throughout the year.

This Policy also applies to GDP KnowHow which is a division of GDP Global Development Ltd.

Last reviewed: July 2022

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