Complaints Policy

Section 1 - Overview and scope of the policy

The Complaints Policy and Procedure applies to all activities that GDP Global Ltd (referred to as “GDP” or “the company”) engages in and aims to serve the interests of all our customers, including learners. The policy sets out our commitment to ensuring adherence to legislation and regulation requirements and being open to receiving feedback on any aspect of the company’s activities.

Section 2 The policy

The company aims for high levels of quality and satisfaction in the delivery of training. In some cases, however, complaints arise which need to be addressed in a clear, consistent and fair manner. The policy is stated here and is communicated to learners at the time of registration and enrolment. It is also available at any time throughout the training.

2.1 What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction from the learner or the sponsor client about the training services and products of the company. A complaint is also an expression of dissatisfaction from the learner relating to the service or the complaints-handling process itself where the learner expects the company to identify the problem cause and take remedial action. The following are examples of situations that could constitute a complaint:
  • error in communications
  • incorrect invoicing
  • certificate spelling errors
  • lack of response to queries
  • unable to unsubscribe to emails
  • Inability to access the training content as offered
  • incorrect training received
  • delay with receipt of certificates

2.2 Complaint handling procedure

Learners are encouraged to feedback and resolve any complaint with the tutor with the aim to find an informal and timely resolution.
2.2.1 What we need to know
If you wish to make a complaint your complaint submission should include the following:
  • Your name
  • A description of the complaint
  • Any names and/or dates you’ve noted
  • Whether you’ve already spoken to someone about this complaint with details of communications
  • How you/others have been affected by the complaint
  • A contact number/email address and convenient time to contact you.
2.2.2 Investigation and acknowledgement

The company will appoint an appropriate person to investigate the matter, acknowledge receipt of the complaint within five (5) working days and inform the learner who is dealing with it. The company aims to resolve complaints within ten (10) working days. In the event this takes longer, the company will keep the learner informed.

2.2.3 Outcome and action

After finalisation of the investigation, the company will share and explain the findings and take appropriate remedial action to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

2.2.4 Escalating a complaint

If the learner is of the opinion that the problem needs to be escalated because the learner is not satisfied with the company’s final response, the learner can refer the complaint to the qualification’s regulator. Complaints to the regulator should be made within twelve months of the action the learner is complaining about. Please contact the company for the appropriate regulator contact.

Section 3 Policy review

This policy is reviewed regularly, and revisions are made in response to changes in legislation, changes in our practices, actions from our regulatory or external agencies, and / or in response to customer and stakeholder feedback.

Section 4 GDP contact and feedback

If you have any feedback or queries regarding this policy, please contact GDP’s Internal Quality Assessor by email at

About GDP Global Development Ltd. Policy Documents

As an accredited training centre, GDP Global Ltd (GDP) has policies and procedures in place to fulfil Approval and Regulatory requirements and to provide a route map for GDP staff members, associates and learners.

The policies reflect the internal practice(s) of GDP, the purpose of which is to ensure that the staff and associates of GDP are familiar with their content and the processes involved.

The policies, procedures and guidelines are updated regularly. As an accredited learner Centre, the policy documents of GDP Global are subject to an annual review by accreditation bodies. The purpose of the review is to ascertain whether the policies, procedures and internal procedures are up-to-date and aligned to changes that have been made throughout the year.

This Policy also applies to GDP KnowHow which is a division of GDP Global Development Ltd.

Last reviewed: July 2022

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