Export Promotion Training Programme – Level I Year 3 Introductory Level

Course Description

“..an introductory level training and personal development programme in export promotion for dti officials.”

As with every competitive global economy, South Africa strives to grow levels of international trade by implementing a comprehensive export promotion strategy. It falls on dti divisions and its staff to stimulate South Africa’s international trade, which is key to furthering the country’s economic transformation.

This introductory level training programme is delivered partly online followed by a three-day classroom-based programme. It will provide you with the knowledge and capacity to understand and to implement South Africa’s Integrated National Export Strategy INES. It will also serve as a platform for your own personal development in the coming few years so that you can make more effective levels of contribution in the years to come.

Thank you for joining the programme. We hope you will find it inspirational!

John Hanna. john.hanna@gdpglobal.com