Master – DTI Level III Year 3 Export Promotion Training Programme

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This is an abridged version of the Advanced Trade Promotion Programme. In this course we cover the following elements online:

  1. Global Trade and Trade Promotion
  2. International Trade Institutions and World Trade
  3. Bilateral and Regional Trade Relationships: World and South Africa
  4. The African Free Continental Trade Area
  5. Transport Infrastructure in Southern Africa
  6. Preparation of Shipments for International Trade
  7. International Customs Practice – An Overview
  8. International Marketing for Export Businesses
  9. International Purchasing Strategy
  10. Origin of Goods

Thank you for joining the programme. We hope you will find the course an inspiration for further study!

John Hanna

Topics for this course

46 Lessons

FIII International Trade Relations

FIII.5a South Africa’s international trade performance in recent years
FIII.5b South Africa’s relationships with other countries and regions. Strategies to optimise South Africa’s economic and trade potential
HIII.4 Segmenting exporters for service
NIII.5a Determining the customs value of imported goods
NIII.5bii Managing customs duty and VAT payment
FIII.1 The International Trade Environment
FIII.2 International trade policies – South Africa
FIII.3 The influence of international trade institutions and bodies on the course of world trade

GIII International Cargo Movement

HIII International Marketing

JIII International Trade Finance & Payments

KIII International Monetary Relations

LIII International Trade Law

MIII International Purchasing

NIII Import Administration



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