Master – DTI Level I Year 3 Export Promotion Training Programme

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We present and consider the global economy and international trade. We look at how trade and exports are defined and the overall benefits and potential of trade to the economy of South Africa.

This is a shortened course for use in March 2020.

  • The Concepts of International Trade
  • Top Trends in Global Trade
  • The World Trade Organisation (WTO) – Introduction
  • Trade Policy Instruments
  • The Harmonized System and other nomenclatures in use: SIC, ISIC, NACE.
  • INCOTERMS 2010 ®

Thank you for joining the programme. We hope you will find it inspirational!

John Hanna

Topics for this course

29 Lessons

The Global Economy and Global Trade

AI.1a Introduction to Global Trade
AI.2b Importance, Benefits and Issues of Globalisation and Global Trade to South Africa
AI.3b An explanation of the roles of other organisations including UNCTAD WTO, World Bank, bilateral NGOs
AI.5a South Africa Trade Over the Last 50 Years and Today and South Africa’s trade policy 1921 to date.
AI.7b The role of trade support institutions in policy reform
BI.1 Trade Support Institutions (TSIs)
BI.2 The main TSI stakeholders
BI.9 Segmenting Exports according to Trade Support
AI.1b The Concepts of International Trade
AI.2a Top Trends in Global Trade
AI.3a The World Trade Organization (WTO) and its importance in global rules of trade between nations.
AI.3a The World Trade Organisation (WTO) – Introduction
AI.4a Regional trade bodies in Africa explained.
AI.4b Trade support institutions in South Africa DTI, TISA, TIA, ITAC, ITED, IDC, DBSA.
AI.5b South Africa’s main trading partners for resources, goods, services.

The Organisation of Global, Africa and South Africa Trade

The Job of Export and Trade Promotion

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