Export Promotion Training Programme – Level III

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Course Description

“..an advanced level training and personal development programme in export promotion for senior management..”

As with every competitive global economy, South Africa strives to grow levels of international trade by implementing a comprehensive export promotion strategy. It falls on dti divisions and staff to take the lead in delivering this strategy, central to which is the goal to further South Africa’s economic transformation.

This advanced level training programme is delivered partly online followed by a one-week classroom programme. It will provide you with the knowledge and capacity to understand and to implement South Africa’s Integrated National Export Strategy INES. It will also serve as a platform for your own personal development in the coming few years so that you can make more senior levels of contribution.

Your participation in the programme is determined both by your years of experience in trade promotion and also your participation in the Level I and/or Level II Export Promotion training programmes.

Thank you for joining the programme. We hope you will find it inspirational.

John Hanna. john.hanna@gdpglobal.com

Topics for this course

27 Lessons

Tutor Topics

01 Introduction to Export Promotion Training Level III
02 FIII 1 Composition of International Trade – Part 1
03 FIII 2 International Trade Policies – South Africa
04 FIII 3 The Influence of International Trade Institutions
07a GIII 1 International Cargo Types and Transport Modes
07b GIII 2 Transport Infrastructure in Southern Africa
08a GIII 3 Preparation of International Shipments
08b GIII 5 International Customs Practice
09a HIII.1 Global Trade and Trade Promotion
11 JIII 1 Financial Risks in International Trade
12 JIII.2 Methods and Terms of Trade Payments
13 JIII 3 Costing / Pricing of International Trade Transactions
18 KIII 3 Policies to Promote a Country’s International Competitiveness
18b South Africa Global Competitiveness 2017-2018
19 KIII 4 International Monetary and Economic Cooperation
27a NIII.1 The Export Import Cycle
28a NIII.3 The HS2017 Product Classification
29 NIII 6 Customs Modernisation
06b FIII 5b South Africa’s Trade Relations
07c GIII 3 Road, Rail and Air Freight Services
09c HIII.4 Segmentation Strategy in Trade Promotion
23a LIII 6 Contract for the Carriage of Goods
28 NIII.3a The Harmonized System and Other Statistical Nomenclatures
05a FIII.4 The Growth of Bilateral and Regional Trade Relationships Throughout The World
05b FIII.5a South Africa’s International Trade Performance in Recent Years
06a FIII.5b South Africa’s Relationships with other Countries and Regions

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