Welcome to this online learning programme. The purpose is for you to become familiar with advanced level topics in export promotion.

Please follow this guide. Any further questions please email to me and/or raise them in the WhatsApp group for this course.

  1. Always log in with your own assigned login details.
  2. You can view the online learning programme on any desktop or laptop computer or smartphone.

User guidance to this learning platform

  1. Study time required. You will need to apply at least two hours per day before the classroom course starts. The Learning Centre has this agreement with your senior management. If you have any issues please contact Teaman Nghunyule and Lebo Mokhohlane at the Learning Centre.
  2. Start with Lesson 1, then continue to the end. The main modules are viewable online. The additional course materials can be downloaded.
  3. When you are fully ready and prepared, click the link to take the online test for each lesson. You are required to achieve 100% on each lesson before progressing to the next lesson.
  4. Aim to achieve a score of at least 50% before the start of the classroom course.
  5. The eLearning platform confirms your progress. The progress bar on the start page will show you which modules you have marked as completed and how you are progressing overall.
  6. It is advisable to keep this user guide open in a separate window in your browser.

Technical problems?

If you have any difficulty getting access to the online website and to play the video contents, get in touch immediately with IT and/or contact Teaman and Lebo at the Learning Centre.

Enjoy the programme!

John Hanna. john.hanna@gdpglobal.com