Notes to Students

Welcome to this online learning programme. The purpose is for you to become familiar with advanced level topics in export promotion.

Please follow this guide. Any further questions please email to me and/or raise them in the WhatsApp group for this course.

  1. Always log in with your own assigned login details.
  2. You can view the course materials on any computer or smartphone.
  3. Open up and review the training contents. Start from the top. The main modules are viewable online. The additional course materials can be downloaded.
  4. When advised to do so by the course director, take the online test.
  5. To complete this online learning course you are required to achieve a score of 50% or more before the start of the classroom course. Note that the online test will be changing every week.

User guidance to this learning platform

  1. The eLearning platform is set up to be flexible to use. You can skip from one module to the next when you want.
  2. It is advisable to keep this user guide open in a separate window in your browser.
  3. The eLearning platform allows you to confirm when you have taken each module. The progress bar on the start page will show you which modules you have marked as completed and how you are progressing overall. You can also mark a completed module as not complete so that you can go back and study it further.
  4. You will be prompted by email every few days to take the test. You will see your attainment score when you submit your test.

Enjoy the programme!

John Hanna.