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As an economic development professional, you need to have a deep understanding of global market dynamics and how different industries interact with each other on a daily basis.

GDP Global’s e-learning resources at GDP KnowHow can help you enhance your skills and knowledge in all of these areas. Through its subscription services provide you can access to specifically e-learning courses. The learning insights feature the latest thinking on key issues in economic development, innovation, business development, trade and investment promotion, place marketing and much more.

With GDP KnowHow plugged into your organisation you will benefit from updated knowledge and critical skills that will enhance both personal effectiveness and organisational performance.

FDI and Investment Promotion

GDP KnowHow is the right solution for trade and investment promotion. The professional learning platform​ has more than 50 eLearning modules (and growing) that are also packaged in to popular courses in economic development, investment promotion, export promotion and more.

Trade and Export Promotion

Learn up on such topics as “The Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights TRIPS” or ‘Investor Development and Servicing’ or ‘Trade Promotion Essentials’ or ‘Digital Marketing in Investment Promotion’ or “Marine Insurance in International Trade

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Online Learning?

There are many reasons for the increasing success of new forms of training:

  • Avoiding the need to travel post pandemic when some travel restrictions remain.
  • The power and universality of the internet and information technology makes it easy to learn online.
  • The increasing need for specialised training for professionals working in the knowledge economy.
  • GDP Global’s online learning resource GDP KnowHow is an innovative solution to cover this need, at affordable cost while being globally accessible 24 hours a day – every day.

Of course you are able to study at your own speed, whether at home, in the office or travelling. Each person can set their own study schedule, without losing time commuting to a classroom.

What does an online course look like?

GDP KnowHow courses include a variety of content and learner interactions to ensure a great learning experience and support your learning and workplace needs:

  1. Every GDP KnowHow course includes a high-resolution video recording of live training sessions.
  2. Lecture videos are professionally edited with on-screen comments and highlighting.
  3. In addition you will be provided with downloadable learning materials, planning guides and templates that can be used directly in your job.
  4. Once you have completed a learning video with the corresponding learning materials you can test your learning outcome with an online quiz that refers to the video you have just seen.

GDP KnowHow eLearning courses delivered to a cohort of learners to enhance the learning experience start on a specific date. eLearning is supported with regular live web tutorials with the training team, so that you can put your queries directly to the experts:

  • Team interaction is encouraged in set GDP KnowHow courses, working on assignments together, thereby sharing experiences on problem solving and innovative thinking.
  • Regular GDP KnowHow courses also contain options to participate in classroom programmes, held throughout the year in different parts of the world. 


To help you track your learning progress and support your workplace needs short tests are also offered at key stages of each course.

Which Courses are currently offered?

GDP KnowHow has many eLearning courses and modules in economic development, investment promotion, export promotion and other topics.  These are being added to all the time.

GDP KnowHow’s list of courses covers the most important topics in economic development, foreign direct investment promotion and trade promotion.

Visit Courses for more information.

How challenging are the courses?

GDP KnowHow courses are designed to suit different skills levels.

There are challenging courses for experts and ambitious professionals alike and there are also shorter courses for individuals who want to be able to quickly brush up on the latest knowledge in relation to a particular topic. The choice is yours.

Visit Courses for more information.

Do I learn alone or in a group?

You may take a course individually but you are likely to have an enhanced learning experience in a group.

GDP KnowHow eLearning courses organised for a cohort start on a specific date as advertised. eLearning is supported with regular live web tutorials with the training team, so that you can put your queries directly to the experts.

Team interaction is also encouraged when working on assignments together, thereby sharing experiences on problem solving and innovative thinking.

Regular GDP KnowHow courses also contain options to participate in classroom programmes, held throughout the year in different parts of the world.

How much does a course cost?

Course prices can vary between countries and for groups.

GDP KnowHow courses are made available to professionals across continents including developing countries and least developed countries.

In order to establish fair pricing some countries may receive discounts to reflect available resources locally. This pricing will be reflected on the GDP KnowHow website following registration.

Request further information regarding group pricing

What is GDP KnowHow?

GDP KnowHow is a trading name of GDP Global Development Ltd (GDP Global) for the global delivery of training courses. 

GDP Global is recognised internationally as an accredited training centre with NCFE which is a UK awarding organisation regulated by the UK’s qualification regulators.

GDP KnowHow flagship courses have been Accredited by NCFE demonstrating their quality and rigor.   (Note:  Accredited courses are specialist qualifications and not regulated or nationally recognised as qualifications for members of the public.)

All courses are designed exclusively for professionals working in government and private sectors promoting foreign direct investment (FDI) and trade and exports.

GDP KnowHow and GDP Global combined have in excess of 20 years’ experience providing training to a diverse range of learners around the world and have an established equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) policy. All courses conform in content and delivery to the EDI policy.

Visit NCFE for more information about accreditation

Is GDP KnowHow Certified?

As a division of GDP Global Development Ltd, GDP KnowHow is Certified as an Approved Learning Centre by the NFCE.

The NCFE is an awarding organisation, approved and regulated by the UK’s Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) – England’s statutory regulator for qualifications.

GDP KnowHow’s customised qualifications in investment and trade promotion are reviewed regularly by the NCFE. This recognition helps GDP KnowHow to remain a global leader in skills development.

Trainers on all courses are experts and fully qualified in their specialisms.

For more information visit NCFE

Who are GDP KnowHow courses designed for?

GDP KnowHow is an exclusive learning platform for professional specialists working in government and the private sector, who are engaged in promoting foreign direct investment and trade.

Whether you’re a senior executive starting a new position or an ambitious professional intent on expanding your knowhow, you will find your perfect accredited / certified course amongst those catalogued on GDP KnowHow.

What if I am not satisfied with the course or change my mind?

GDP KnowHow prides itself on winning full customer satisfaction. If there is anything you are not fully content with we want to hear from you. Please contact us or refer to terms and conditions for cancellations.

What clients say about GDP KnowHow!

What is NCFE?

NCFE is a UK awarding organisation regulated by the qualification regulators and is subject to each of the regulators’ Conditions of Recognition. As such, NCFE has a responsibility to ensure that all training centres adhere to the same standards and conditions.

For more information visit NCFE

Is VAT charged?

All registration fees are quoted in currencies excluding VAT/GST. Country applicable taxes will be charged at the point of payment when users choose to pay by credit card or on invoice.

What is Country Pricing?

GDP KnowHow courses are delivered globally across many countries. 

Country Pricing is a policy adopted by GDP KnowHow to recognise the different resource levels that exist between countries and to adjust prices accordingly.

The Company in this way intends that its courses will be available to the widest possible audience.

For more information visit Terms and Conditions

In a competitive
global market,
knowledge is key!

In a competitive
global market,
knowledge is key!

Excellent. Packed with useful information to provide working support/references and guidance.

Great education Thanks !! 

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